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Free delivery to whole Malaysia or Self collect.

Product Description
The design is standard format, but the layout can be rearranged as shown in the picture above, 1 time amendment for every single design.

If you don’t have picture, I can find pictures for you.

If you provide 2-5 picture for your name card design, you will get a RM3 design fee discount.

– Water Resistant.
– Size: 90mm x 54mm (suitable to put in a parcel.)
– Paper: High quality Name Card Paper 220gsm.
– Full Color double Side
– Free box

For Existing Customer Without Modification Name Card Printing, please use the following page to place your order (Without design fee), we will find out your source file and print out for you:

Standard Custom Name Card Design Form :

    Orderer name*

    Your email* (for communication)

    Delivery Mobile Number*:

    Delivery Location*:

    Number of side design(design fee)*:
    Two side RM15One side RM13

    Order quantity(pcs)*:
    200pcs one Side200pcs two Side300pcs one Side300pcs two Side500pcs one Side500pcs two Side

    Number of set (Maximum:5 set, more than 5 set, please contact us for quote)*:

    If your provide pictures (2 - 5 pictures) for your name card design, you will get a RM3 design fee discount:
    No provide picture No discountProvide pictures RM3 design fee discount per Set


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