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About me

I am a part-time website designer, I have been involved in website design for more than ten years, it was just a personal interest in the past. Now I’m going to use what I’ve learned in my part-time career, and I’ll help your company design a high-quality website at a favorable price.

Why do you need to have a website? Because now when your domestic and foreign customers want to know about your company’s business, they will ask for your company’s website, and the website is a 24-hour showroom.It can enhance the company’s image and introduce your company’s products and services to your customers or potential customers around the world in detail at any time, increase their understanding and trust in your company, and convert your potential customers into real customers, thereby improving your company’s performance..

In terms of website design, it should not only be beautiful and neat, but also need to be be well organized, the content must be substantial, so that customers can easily find the information they want and after fully understanding your company’s business, contact your company through the website or email to discuss cooperation matters. My more ten years of experience in website design can help your company do just that.